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naming a star Name A Star - The Most Treasured Gifts In The Universe Are Here!

Everyone loves having a star named after them! We have named thousands of stars for all sorts of people - Friends, Lovers, Parents, Children, Etc. And stars are always guaranteed to please. Whatever the occasion, naming a star for someone is the most imaginative way to show you care. See how impressed and appreciative that special someone will be when he or she receives such an unusual and creative gift from you. You'll be a star too!

Your star name will be registered in the Universal Star Catalog’s database featuring hundreds of thousands of stars numerically designated by the world renowned Smithsonian Astrophysical Institute. Each star is copyrighted with its precise stellar coordinates allowing the star recipient, friends, family or anyone – including future generations – to identify the star name and locate the star in the sky using a telescope.

Name a star with us and enjoy these unique advantages:

  • Prices start at just $14.95
  • Five great products to choose from. Click here to see GIFTS.
  • Top quality fully featured gifts. The recipient will love our gifts and all they get. You'll love our low prices. Compare.
  • In a hurry? Get a free copy of your Star Name Certificate, suitable for framing, sent to you immediately via email.
  • In addition to the star chart, included with your purchase of a Star Certificate Gift Package is a free Star Map software CD so that you can find and see your star on your computer!
  • Free! Your star name and your optional photograph launched into space via rocket. See order page for details.
  • Free 87 page eBook "History of Astronomy".
  • After you have registered, you can see your name and optional photograph in the Universal Star Catalog ON-LINE on this website for free! No additional book to buy.
  • Backed by our experience, the high quality of our star packages and the high level of satisfaction that our customer's feel, there simply is no more thoughtful or lasting gift for any occasion than a one-of-a-kind star name. Here at StarNamer some people name star after star... Order now!
The idea to name a star after someone is so thoughtful and different. They will love it. People from all walks of life name stars as wonderful gifts that are sincerely appreciated. So, buy a star name at our original star naming company, StarNamer. We are the one and only star namer with a service to name star after star for you. It's simple; name star, buy star and get big kiss. You'll see!

Using our planetarium software you can find and see your star on your own computer. Zoom in and out. See it's constellation and all the adjacent stars.

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Our star naming is not recognized by the scientific community. Your star’s name is reserved in Starnamer records only.