Find Your Star in Our Online Star Registry

If you have already purchased a star, you can find it completely free of charge in our online star registry simply by entering your personal star registration number in the field below and clicking "Find Your Star." This will search the star registry for your information and display a photograph of your star, your name, your dedication date and the telescopic coordinates of your star as well as other information about your star. Please feel free to see what an entry looks like by entering a sample star registration number: SAO 58539 or you can enter SAO 132346 in the field below. Try it! Thank you.

We take data seriously. Your star name information is stored in a Trusted Digital Repository maintained by a non-profit organization with an infinite life. This includes triple data backup across countries, each with 99.999999999% durability and regular data checks. Assets are dedicated by law to support this mission. This includes a world-class staff and advisers. To finance this an endowment fund was created to support the mission indefinitely.

Enter the star registration number exactly as it appears on your certificate in the text box below.

Star Registration Number (format: SAO xxxxxx):  

Trouble Shooting

  1. Problem: You cannot find your star. Solution: The registry does not get updated in realtime. Please wait at least ten minutes after your purchase to find your star in the registry.
  2. Problem: You are not receiving your eMail. Solution: The eMail is getting sent. Do you have a SPAM blocker keeping this eMail from reaching you? Fix it or try a different eMail address.