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Top 50 Reasons People Love the Idea of Naming a Celestial Star.

Name or Buy a Star for Someone? Here's Why...


Pamela:It's the best gift ever! this is the 5th star I've named with your company, love you guys your the best! Thank You so much


Jayne Derr:Naming an actual star is a wonderful way of honoring someone who is or has been a shining star in your life!


Elizabeth Defferari:It's something super special that is underrated. My husband loves astronomy and we went to look at stars on our first date. This is the perfect gift for him!


Carla:My boyfriend named a star after me and I thought that was very romantic. Now I am naming one after him because I know he loves the stars and all things space. Its romantic and unique.


Des:I would like to get the first class packaging, because me and my boyfriend love space and I would like to get it for him. Plz and thank you.


Ally:My husband and i meet under the stars, belive in their ability. And the day i knew id love him forever- i asked how much he loved me and he said more than all the stars in the sky.


Alice Fonnesbeck:This is a gift for my grand kids. It will be with them forever. very unique. and they love space. There mom is an aerospace engineer so it fits perfect.


Sam:As a Pisces and avid astrological lover, it is one of the most sentimental gifts I can give loved ones.


Steve:The celestial heavens is a suitable place for a loved one to be named and remembered. No matter where life takes us we will always be able view the same star.

Cheryl:I love naming the star in my husband and my name because it is an internal monument of the bond of our long time friendship that has now become our life long bond with Holy matrimony of our never ending love and friendship with this star above


Domii:I love this idea bc you can't go wrong with it it's for sure to please. It can't be replaced lost or thrown away, a perfect gift for your perfect someone.

JudyT:Naming a star after a loved one is so amazing. It makes the person you're giving it to, feel so special. It's a very unique and wonderful gift.


Gibran:I would love naming this art because its my partners birthday. Since being with him Ive learned so much about the Universe and how immense it is. Hes fascinated with anything that has to do with the Galaxy. I cant think of a better present for his 29TH birthday.

Gio:I would love naming a star because I knew nothing of the Universe until my partner and I got together. His love for the Universe really is admirable. The Star is being purchased for his birthday. I cant think of anything more special that will be like having a little piece of history.

Ali Rogers:It's a great symbolic gesture for loved ones and friends. To look into the sky and know they are a piece of the cosmos is a great comfort.


Mark:We lost a close loved one who was a big star trek fan and this seemed the perfect way to keep her spirit ever bright in the sky so we would never forget ger


JBS:I have ordered multiple stars over the past three years. Everytime the person is thrilled with having a star named for them.


Gina:My dad is 79 and my children got to grow up wit him. He is ill and my brother just had a son. Now his son can always look up to Grandpa too.

Sharon:As a corporation in a University setting, we use these as recognition for outstanding students on our campus.


Cindy:Because looking up to the heavens, while seeking your departed loved one, is a very Christian validation of death and is comforting also, in my opinion


Amanda:I have ordered many stars in the past for friends and family of loved ones who passed away and even gave one to my boyfriend as an anniversary gift 10 years ago! We are getting married this year! His cousin died unexpectly and this year I want to give his family something special they can remember him by .


Aizada:this is very special gift for loved ones, small but in reality is very big. Hope our star will shine forever


hal cohen:On earth, this celebrity had his Hall of Fame induction plaque delayed due to repair issue. Now I can immediately have him inducted among the stars


Sunshine:No one is ever able to give someone the universe as much as we would want to. But this makes it possible to give them a piece of it. Amazing idea!!!!!

Sunshine:Because it show your internal love and care for someone. You can not give anyoen the whole universe no matter how much we would love to. But you can give them a piece of it.


Olga:I want to give to my beloved parents something that is not ordinary and something that would last literally forever


Carol Cantrell:I'm purchasing this as a first anniversary gift for my boyfriend. Considering that's the night our stars aligned, this is only fitting.


Infusion Center RN's:We are naming this star for a young man the Infusion Center cared for many, many years. We have grown to know him as well as his family and we think this will make them understand that Victor was not "just another patient" but some deeply cared for by his nursing staff. We love being able to give the family something that will shine in the sky as Victor did here on earth.


Shannan:Well My Husband And I just got back together and he is sitting in Prison right now working hard and taking classes and he is there because he left the state while on perole to look for me! We have been in Love since he was 18 and me 24. That was in 1984!!! We are so in Love with each other I wanted to Finally Name A Star After A Real Love Story!


Renee:I felt in my heart that it was something that I needed to do, I miss my mother very much & this way I will feel so much closer to her & can look up knowing that I can see her because I feel in my heart that's where her soul will go is the star I dedicated to such a wonderful mother


Robert drake:I want my wife to kniw that she is special to me in every way, and that she is my star that lights the way


Marco :It's Really Romantic, and I love the fact thats there is a star up in space after my beloved fiancee.


Blake:I think the universe is a really awesome thing and to put my girlfriends name and mine to a star forever is an awesome opportunity.


Teresa:I lost my daughter and my brother did this for me and I would like to do it for someone else. It's a wonderful thing to give some happiness in difficult times.


Andrew:I love the idea of naming a star because it commemorates something that is important and significant to oneself and in a way ensures its sentimental longevity


Kathy:I have now names three stars and I do it so that person may always be there shining brightly for all to see


Shelynne Pfingsten:Love space and find it awesome to have a star named after myself and it is something I wanted to do for my birthday and my daughters birthday.

Samantha Smith:My fiance took me to lay under the starts to watch my first meteor shower and it was the most special thing. I love this because it is the best way for both of us to remember that night and he's the most special person. The best way to show how special he is, is to name a star after him. I've never seen anything more amazing than being able to do this.


Ajan:When you were little your parents told you to wish upon a star, and its so amazing to know that you can name a star and wish on that star every night!


Mike:This site is easy to navigate and I believe this is the most authentic gift you can give to a loved one.

Jake:I like the naming of stars because it allows you to connect with someone on a deeper level that can't be taken away from you.


Haley :I love the idea of giving someone the gift of forever! Looking at the night sky & knowing one of the stars is theirs!


Julia Napoletano:My husband passed and my son said he wished he could look at a star and it be his daddy. Now he can find a star that is named after his dad to help him cope with his loss


Jayme:Because my husband to be it big into astrology and this is thee perfect 40th birthday present for this wonderful man! I am so excited to give tgis to him!


Lucii :I love the idea of naming a star because it is for my soulmate. He is my cosmos and lights up every star in my skies with his love. He means more than the world to me and he deserves to see it in the sky forever.


Anna Harris :I love naming a star after someone because it is special. This gift is going to man who lost his son to cancer and all he really wants is his son back but I cannnot give that to him. So I am choosing to name a star after his son for him. And I am sure that this will be one of the best things he has ever gotten. I am also excited to see his reaction and how he will feel. I am glad I am doing this because it can truly make someone feel happy.


Jenessa Watermann:My son's dad waa killed when he was 5 years old. His dad was 21. They didn't get the opportunity to know each other. I hope this will connect them from afar.


Trav:I love that it can get someone involved in astrophysics and star watching. I also love the romantic symbolism of it all.


Chrissy:The gift of a star to someone you love is for eternity. It's a gift of pure love that can't be touched.

Chrissy:I think the gift of giving a star is a lifetime gift that one can cherish forever. It is sure to show your love for someone.

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