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Top 50 Reasons People Love the Idea of Naming a Celestial Star.

Name or Buy a Star for Someone? Here's Why...


Lindsey:I am gifting this star to my mom for Christmas. My dad passed away 1.5 years ago, so this is in memory of him.

Precious:For me naming a star will allow me to memorialize a loved one for someone else. It gives people something they can hold on to and see for a lifetime.


Jacky:I would love to name a star in commerce of my boyfriend and I's first date. We star gazed and he told me of his love for space, the galaxy, and the overall night sky.


Katy:It allows me to give my loved one a way to look up and connect with me no matter where we are in the world.


Wendy:My nephew died in a tragic accident November 8,2017 and he was 11 .. On December 15,2018 he would have turned 13.. Now when my sister looks at the stars and knows one of them is named after her son.. She will always know he is with her..


Jamey Perry:Because a star is beautiful and s a symbol of wonder and it's something you can always find in a world of constant change to wish upon and have hope for the future.

Bobby:Me and the love of my life can not have kids. And a star is a perfect thing for us to have and enjoy no matter where we are.

Charissa:My husband loves watching stars at night and I know that this would mean allot to him. Just to have the experience


Nick Pruett :I think naming a star has alot of meaning....no matter what happens in this world your not alone...you can always look up ya know

Shelby:I love naming a star because its an easy way to give a really personal, meaningful gift without spending a fortune.

Sarah:My boyfriend and I love looking at stars. I combined our names together to name the star. The date is our anniversary.


Susan:I have had many stars named and everyone is thrilled. It brings me joy to hear their squeals of delight.

Emily:Its a gift that lasts longer than something you buy in a store. Its more permanent than a tattoo, and its so thoughtful. And lastly how cool is it to have a star named after you.


Rick :My wife is my everything. I have epilepsy and she takes care of me and our children. She just beat cancer about 5 months ago and I love her so much . So I thought this would show her that's she's my star.

olivia:I am naming a star because my friend loves astronomy and I thought this would be the perfect Christmas gift for him!

Jennifer Gilliam:A lost loved one. Gifting to my aunt from Santa as she lost her daughter way too early. This way she will be with her wherever she is in the world, forever!


Matty:I think it is such a once in a lifetime gift that no one thinks of receiving. Especially if you are into space and astronomy it is an incredible gift

Tamara Bush:This is a timeless gift. I would lkke to give to my only daughter who is my star. She is destined to do great things. Her name should be remembered in the stars.


Brandy:My 14 year old wants to be an astronomer. She loves sitting outside watching the stars. She is truly my shining star. So there is no better gift than a star at Christmas!


sarah:It is an amazing way to show someone how much you love them and for them to know that that is something that can never be replaced!


Larissa:My dad wanted to buy my mom a star as a Christmas gift. She was recently diagnosed with cancer and a star is a sign of hope.


Lynn:My mom will have a star in heaven beside her that I can see every night and tell her that I love her.


Michaela:Looking up at the stars reminds me how small I am, but how incredible it is that I am here and live the life I live. Naming a star represents the uniqueness of every individual and that there is a purpose to this world not just for the star, but for the person.


Tink:I love the idea of being able to look into the sky see my star and know it represents my love one being there with me.


Samantha :I love naming this star because it is for my best friend in the whole world who is not only as unique as the dart itself but also deserves every single star imaginable.


Santander:My girlfriend and I are about to hit a year and she never lets me forget her name is the definition of a star and this gift for her I feel would be amazing and perfect to let her know now that there IS a star up there that now has her name on it!


Kisha lively :Because you are my stare baby forever where you go I go where I go you go forever even after death you my soul mate baby


Becky Collins:We wanted something that would be a permanent gift for our Granddaughter Peyton when she lost her Grandma.


Tarah:It symbolizes someone uniqueness and gives the Star a personal value to the person that it gets named after


Frankie:My girlfriend loves anything to do with star and astrology. When I found out you could name a star I thought this would be the absolute perfect gift to give her on our 3 month anniversary. It was easy and interactive. Shes going to love it


Cheryl:This person is our leader in Christ, and gives everyone a chance to shine, and allow the inner star in them to show.


Jay:I love the idea of naming a star because I know the woman I love will love the idea of knowing that every time she looks in the sky...no matter how far apart we are, I am always thinking about her!


Skarlet:Because I can give my boyfriend a super unique birthday gift and show him I love him and that he deserves the stars


Tracy:We recently lost our granddaughter we are naming a star for her to give to our son and soon to be daugher in law ... something to look up to that shines back.


Jaclyn:giving the gift of a lost loved one to a person I love will bring them comfort in being able to see the star shine bright at night.


Matt Flanagan:It's extremely unique and personalized. My friend who im buying this more loves science but lives a minimalist lifestyle so this way I can get her something she will appreciate without getting her something physical that will take up space


Sharese:My brother was fascinated with the stars the months leading up to his suicide. Now I want him to be amongst the stars that fascinated him


Mikey:Ive always loved space and today is my girlfriends birthday, and i wanted to get her something that me and her can always remember and love together


shalis:today is my sisters birthday and she loss a child two days after her birthday and we are having a party for the both of them. I would love to have the star for the party


Prajwal:I love my wife a lot. So I would like to name a star after my wife's name so that my wife's name will be there forever.


jacquie:just a really unique gift, especially when the special someone lives far away. you can both see the star even living in different states.


KC:My boyfriend has been a quadriplegic since he was 16, one of his loves growing up and to this dy has been astrology and star gazing, his 46th birthday is the 10th of July and i wanted to give him a gift that will last forever.


Treasure:My husband lost his father in 06. He had 14 brain tumors and hes all he had. He sits out back and talks to him frequently


Melanie:Stargazing is one of my favorite things to do with friends. Having a star named for a friend will make it even more special.


Reem:I want to dedicate this star to my boyfriend Michael. Hes been through a lot growing up, he had major depression and had to overcome suicide attempts. Now he has done a total flip and is pursuing a degree in medicine and therapy. He also goes out of his way and does humanitarian trips to help others. And I am just so proud of him and I know this would mean a lot to him.


Cliff:I love this idea because my wife lost her first son and he became a star in the sky when he passed on and I'd like to make it official.


Rylie:I'm naming a star after my love, it will be his 18th birthday! I often look to the stars as a reminder of God's creation. Now his name will forever be with the stars.


Pamela:It's the best gift ever! this is the 5th star I've named with your company, love you guys your the best! Thank You so much


Jayne Derr:Naming an actual star is a wonderful way of honoring someone who is or has been a shining star in your life!


Elizabeth Defferari:It's something super special that is underrated. My husband loves astronomy and we went to look at stars on our first date. This is the perfect gift for him!

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