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Top 50 Reasons People Love the Idea of Naming a Celestial Star.

Name or Buy a Star for Someone? Here's Why...


Oren:I love naming a star because I think it is a really special gift to give my friend for turning 18 years old and shining like the star she is for the rest of that star's life.


Riddhi Mangal:I would love to name a star because it would mean the person I am getting it for so much. He always says he would buy me the whole solar system and I feel like this would be the perfect start for that haha.

Chelsea:I love naming a star because its a unique gift to give and a great conversation starter! Perfect for my nephew who is learning about the solar system in school.


jisel garcia:its amazing to go out of your way and name a star after someone. a star that will always be in the sky


Joyce Richey:I've purchased other stars as memorials for people my friends have lost. I think they have a real valuable meaning.


Thomas Scrivner:My friend received one and it not only surprised and thrilled her to no end she felt incredibly loved and valued. I want my sister to feel the same way.


Boy:The reason I love the idea of naming a star is because my girlfriend is an actress and poet and I truly believe she is a star!


Linda Wingate Witt:This is "In Memory of when Linda went to be with God"! Anniversay date of the day she became an angel


Kp:Because its so touching and its such a wonderful idea now the life of my life will go with me forever


Imer:Well it's for my niece and I always tell her I love her to the moon and back. I can't name the moon so I might as well name a star. Then I can tell her I love her to her star and back.


Patty:Everyone, young or old, at some time in their life ponders ideas and their life experiences while looking at the night sky. Naming a Star is a beautiful way to remember a specific person or loved one.


Ernie:Well I love looking at the stars and knowing their is a star named after a love one is pretty amazing.


Car:It is a very personal gift. I always told my daughter to Reach for the stars and now I giving her one for graduation


Joshua:I love naming a star for my mother in law because her send passed away. Song trying to brighten up her day saying the her son is watching us


Vevette:I love naming a star because love of a deceased can look up is see the star and will think of their love one.


KellyMcBride :I was born in July...my sign is ruled by the moon...I've always referred to myself as a "moonchild" I felt that this gift was perfect for me to give my best friend for the loss of his 1st born son. Way too early in his life. Anthony spoke of the "moon and stars" quite often. When referring to the love he had for his family..I felt this gift was most appropriate...thankyou


Amy:Because my girlfriend loves to look at the dates, and I want her to know there is one up there, just for her.


Alexia :I loved the idea of naming a star for someone special because the beauty and complexity of a star also matches that of who I named it after


David:I love naming a star because no matter where you are or what time it is, it will always be there for you.


Christina WIlson:My 7 year-old daughter has big dreams of becoming a Planetary Geologist someday and the idea of having a star named after her makes her feel like she is one step closer to her dream. We love that she always "REACHES FOR THE STARS" and will do anything to encourage her!


Jason:The ability to name a small speck of a grand Universe after a loved one is just in itself and awesome thought.


Bobbie:I received a star back in 1986. It was such a special, unique gift. I'd like to make sure my step daughter feels special, too.


Ken:I just married a Princess from all the way around the otherside of the World where the stars are really bright. This Valentine's Day she will finally be with me here in America. When I was In South Africa with her she asked me if the stars in America are as bright as the ones where she is from. I thought this was brighten up her First Valentine's Day in America.


Misti:I love the idea of naming a star because my husband is a star and I think this is the best way to show him.


Nicole Alessie :I am naming a star for my cousin, who is really more of a sister to me, because she is publishing her first book (On Luna Time)! I had the idea of naming a star after her book because the story revolves around astronomy, star alignment and the moon. It will be the perfect gift for her.

Robert Henry:i put my love ones above me in everything, so I see them as stars, so why not make one their very own


Bruce Jackson:this is for the woman that I met and fell in love with as she fell in love with me. As It Should Be.


Suzette:It is a great way to honor a loved one who is no longer with us. I love being able to make a special memory of a loved one


Kevin:Me and my Fiance have always loved looking up at the stars and choosing random names for the brightest star we saw and now I will be naming one after our Future daughter so she will be able to look up and maybe see it.


Vickie:My granddaughter loves stars and ask for a telescope for her birthday so I thought it would be great if she could look at her own star


Emily:I think this is an extremely thoughtful way to remember a loved one who has passed. It's really sweet to be able to think of someone every time you look into the sky and feel like they are there with you.


Pamela:An excellent representation of eternity and being one with the universe.. it's a thoughtful way to remind the ones you love how much they mean to you as well.


Jennifer:A very good friend of mine from grade school passed away on December 23rd, leaving behind his wife and two young children. I am also a widow and had very young children when my husband passed away and my sister had a star named after my husband. I've always told my children that Daddy is the brightest star in the sky and I would like for my friend's children and wife to have something special to honor their father/husband.


Pooka:It's the perfect gift! It's thoughtful, romantic and unique. A wonderful surprise for someone who loves space and stars.


Jack:Because I want the day we first met to be comemerated forever, an when we have kids and their old enough to understand what stars are that one right their is Momas star an its specially for her


Jonathan:My passion as a child was to become an astronomer. Naming a star for my new granddaughter would bring me back to that passion.


Cody:I love the ability to forever memorialize loved ones in the naming of a star. Such a heart warming gift during a difficult time.

Ally:I think naming a star after someone shows how much they mean to you beyond words. its a whole star. stars are beautiful and so is space and its just more than a gift


Carol:I love naming a star because it eludes to letting everyone know that a beloved pet, or family member lives on throughout vast eternity, which leaves one with a sense that a loved one lives on forever by just looking at the heavens.


Jerry:Dedicating the star to my wife's mother that we lost two months before our wedding. Hope this will help bring peace in her heart

Bettye:Naming a star for a loved one, especially at Christmas, is an eternal gift which can last for decades to come. No better gift could be chosen for my grandson.


Jodie Malkin:With my son gone and we always look up at the stars and say hes looking over us..He will now be the brightest one.


Jazzy:I love the ideal to name a star after my Daughter name because she is a miracle Baby to me and my husband


Hpyhiker:My husband of 30 years loves to look at the stars at night while we are in the hot tub or camping. After 30 years, our love only gets deeper and richer. The word Midushi means sweet heart - so what better gift for the love of my life other than a star named "sweet heart."

Jessi :I think it is such a beautiful and personal way to show someone that you care about them and appreciate them.

Russell :Well i think its a great idea to name a star for the fact that its there no matter where u are u can see it im buying one for my soon to be. Wife i work on the road alot and thought hey every time she looked up there i was loveing and still thinking of her


Deidre:Its one of lifes simple treasures that people forget to appreciate. To be able to look up at the night sky and see millions of stars. And knowing that a single star dedicated to a loved one is smiling down on you. Love and cherish everyday. Because tomorrow is not promised.

Johnny:I love this idea of naming a start cause its a beautiful gesture that shows how much u love some one family or partner

Amy Higgins:This year my cousin Eilise passed away and i thought naming a star after her would be a wonderful gift to her parents.

Jazmin :I feel like naming a star for someone really shows them that you are willing to go out of the way for someone to make them happy

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