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Star Name eCertificate

Star Name eCertificate

SKU: SP0001

The instantly emailed gift that is sure to please! How can you go wrong for the price?? For a little more than the cost of a Hallmark greeting card, you can give a real star!! This gift is perfect if you are in a super-rush (it gets delivered immediately) or if you are on a tight budget (it is affordable for anyone.) How do we do it? This is a "do-it-yourself" kit where you must print the emailed and downloaded documents yourself on your own printer.

Look at all you get! First, a handsome, personalized Star Name certificate complete with your special someone's name registered in the Universal Star Catalog. Your certificate is a PDF file sent directly to your email address following payment. You get your own custom informational web page immediately at the "Find Your Star" link. Also, your four free gifts are included. You get a star chart and a Planisphere to locate your star in the sky. There is a History of Astronomy eBook too. Did we mention you get the personal computer Planetarium Software download link for FREE TOO!

This is a phenomenal value! Our competitors charge up to $80 for a similar product. Don't be shocked and amazed at all the great stuff you get when you select this wonderful instant gift package. However, if you need us to print your gift on our top quality enterprise class printers (we use the best paper and ink) and assemble for you a complete "turn-key" gift package then please select one of our other packages. You get everything here PLUS MORE! Thank you!

Four free gifts included:
  • Planetarium software (download link)
  • Astronomy eBook (download link)
  • Upload your photo to the star registry (optional)
  • Your star name and photo launched into space



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